I want you to succeed.

My mission is not to help you just get by in calculus.
I want you to succeed in your actual AP calculus class.
I want you to succeed on your actual AP calculus exam.
I want you to succeed in math courses beyond AP calculus.


Have Any Other Questions?
Why should I use your AP Calc Program?

Primarily, because I actually care about your success, and want to help you succeed. This is not a website run by a large company who is just looking to provide you another canned response, or another bland test prep book.

This is a program that I built myself. I built the website my own two hands. The content was all created by me. I maintain the website entirely on my own. I am the one that answers your emails, and responds to all your comments. I do all of this because I want to help you, and I want to see you succeed.

I provide you all the knowledge you need to be successful in calculus. I do it without all the heavy math speak, I do not skip steps in my examples, and I encourage you to ask me questions if you don’t understand. Calculus is not really that bad. I have found all the heavy math talk, proofs, and unwillingness to talk you through the algebra make it seem like the worst math class you have ever taken.

What do I get with the AP Calc Program?

First, you get complete access to all 8 units of my uniqe My AP Calc Program. I developed each of the units to cover all the areas laid out by the AP College Board’s (people who make the AP exam) 8-unit Course Description.
Within each of the 8-Units I break down each topic providing you with
1) An Identifier
First, I want you to know how to identify the type of calculus problem you are looking at.
2) A Method
Second, I provide you with step-by-step (yep actual steps you can repeat) directions on how to solve that type of problem.
3) An Example
I then take you though an example problem showing you how to apply the step-by-step method to an actual math problem.
4) The Option to Ask Questions
I want you to ask me any time you do not understand why I did a certain move of algebra, how I make a logical conclusion, why I chose the method I chose, or whatever questions you might have. You can comment on any part of My AP Calc, and I will respond back to you personally. I will also encourage you to keep asking questions until you understand.

Additionally, you can send me specific AP Calculus questions that you might want help with. I will not help you with tests or quizzes, but I will help with other questions you may have. My response will not always come within your timeline needs. If you have a homework question due tomorrow, I am probably not going to get you a response that will help you in that timeline.

I can also help you figure out why you got a homework, quiz, or test question wrong. Sometimes you may not know why you missed a problem, and you may not get the feedback that you need to help you understand. Feel free to send me graded work, and I will help you understand what was incorrect.

Can I enroll my entire AP Calc Class?

Yes, I want to help as many students as possible. Please, please, please share this AP Calc Study Guide with anyone and everyone.

Is this program for the AB exam or the BC exam?

My program is designed specifically for the AP Calculus AB exam only. While much of the material on the AP Calculus BC exam is similar to the AB exam, There are specific topics from the BC exam that I do not cover. If you review the AP College Board’s Course Description document, you will see where the overlap occurs.

My program ONLY covers the material described by the AP College Board’s Course Description document for the AP Calculus AB exam.

Can I ask you questions?

Yes, yes, yes!!!
Pleases always reach out via email, my contact form, or leave a comment on any section of My AP Calc program.

Remember that I am a single individual answering ALL of your questions. This means that I might not always be able to respond to your question in time to meet your deadlines. I am not guaranteeing an immediate response, but I will get you a response as soon as I can.

Are you affiliated with the College Board or any part of the Official AP Calculus program?

No, I am in no way associated with the College Board or have any other connection to any part of the official AP Calculus program.

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