AP Calculus AB Complete Exams

Full Exam

There are also very few full AP Calculus AB practice exams available to work from.
I really advise you to save this exam to use as one of the last practices you do. Since it is extremely unique to be able to practice a complete exam, I would take this exam under exam like conditions.

Multiple Choice:
– Part A: 30 questions; 60 minutes; calculator not permitted.
– Part B: 15 questions; 45 minutes; graphing calculator required.
Free Response:
– Part A: 2 questions; 30 minutes; graphing calculator required.
– Part B: 4 questions; 60 minutes; calculator not permitted.

Put yourself in a quiet space, set yourself a time, and use only the resources allowed to you in a test taking environment; your brain, a pencil, and a graphing calculator. DO NOT use any other materials.

At the end of that process you will have a much better idea of what you really know, and what you still need to practice.

I will be posting my video solutions to the complete exam later in the semester, please keep checking back in.

2012: Multiple Choice Part A

2012: Multiple Choice Part B

2012: Free Response Part A

2012: Free Response Part B

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