My Name Is Blue.
AP Calculus Pro.

Please let me share with you my easy to follow techniques for simplifying AP Calc.

Using 25 years of teaching experience I developed an
easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply
AP Calc Study Guide.

AP Calculus Simplified.

AP Calculus can be made much easier to understand.

In my 25 years of tutoring students in AP Calculus, I have seen the use of very heavy math language in the teaching of calculus as one of the biggest barrier to students’ learning and understanding.
I work hard to cut through all of that heavy math speak.

My goal is to make the language of AP Calculus accessible to everyone.

I address all the topics in AP Calculus by showing you step by step how to processes each type of problem. I walk you through how to Identify the type of problem; how to Master the method for solving that type of problem; and how to Apply that method to answer the question numerically and conceptually.

If you do not understand any part of that process, then I encourage you to Ask questions.

Identify It

First, you must know how to identify the type of problem you are looking at.

Master It

Next you must master the methods you will use to solve that type of problem. You will find that your brain will naturally start guiding you through the complete process once you have mastered each method.

Apply It

Unlike previous math courses in your life, it is not enough to just know the methods and mechanics of how to solve each problem. To really be successful in AP Calc, you must understand the conceptual meaning of each topic, and know how to apply them.

Ask It

If you do not understand, you have to ask for further information. If you do not want to ask in class, ask me! It’s the only way to make sure you really understand.

Complete Calculus Success.

I want you to learn AP Calculus not just pass the test.

My AP Calculus program is NOT a teach to the test system. My program is designed to help you be successful in your actual AP Calculus class, on the AP Calculus exam, and in future math classes.

I want you to really understand the material.


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Tatum ShinedlingTatum Shinedling
23:29 17 Jan 23
Blue has been the best math tutor ever! He enables you to really understand the material by explaining all of the details. It was very helpful and, with his help I received an a in Math 160 at colorado State!
Marlisa KGMarlisa KG
05:10 29 Dec 22
I just finished my last math semester at Colorado State University. Ican not thank Blue enough. His videos got me through 3 math semesters. I really dislike math, and I have always struggled, but his videos made every step and every unitunderstandable. Blue is knowledgeable about CSU’s academic expectations andtaught exactly what I needed to know to get through. Blue, Thank you! Thankyou! Thank you! I highly recommend you and your videos.
Taylor JohnsonTaylor Johnson
20:46 22 Dec 22
The best tutor I’ve ever had! He knows how to teach better than any teacher! He got me through math 141 with extremely little effort because I understood 100% of the weeks information within a one hour session. I ended the class with a grade of over 106%!! I got 100% on every test and every quiz. Plus extra credit on every test. The class got extremely hard week two and that’s when I decided to hire him. From then on the class was a breeze for me.
Kyle RobinsonKyle Robinson
18:03 06 Dec 22
I pushed off calculus until my senior year of college. Math was a different language to me. With the help of the one and only Math Man, Blue helped me understand math in a way that no other teacher, professor, or tutor could. For once I found myself doing really well in math class. With Blues help not only did I do well in calculus but I was able to spend more time on my other classes. His methods are exactly what you want. I could not recommend a college math tutor more. The Math Man is your answer if you are struggling in college level math courses. Thank you again Blue, you somehow made math fun.
Lily WhitenackLily Whitenack
17:14 02 Dec 22
Blue made the PACE math classes a breeze! He teaches you how to use the calculator to your advantage and explains everything in very simple terms. I cannot say enough good things about Blue! He helped me earn 2 A’s in the PACE classes and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him!
Celine WCeline W
02:36 23 Aug 22
I couldn't recommend Blue enough. He has all the qualities you would want in a tutor: patient, thoughtful, and approachable. I highly recommend The Math Man!
Rubie ShinedlingRubie Shinedling
18:29 20 Jul 22
I did tutoring with Blue while taking a summer course of business calculus at Texas A&M. The online meetings were very helpful, and he was able to write on the same screen as the material while explaining easier ways to do complicated math. Overall his tutoring made a difficult and fast-paced class much easier!
Roy ChesterRoy Chester
16:42 09 May 22
I am not a person who sugarcoats things and Blue was an awesome teacher! His assistance with Algebra 2 was the only reason I passed the class. He was patient and always had at least three different ways to show you how to work something out if you didn't get it the first time. In addition, his methods of teaching were far superior to the curriculum I was using, but he was able to take that curriculum and work with what he was given to make it work for me. If you are on the fence about working with Blue, I encourage you to give him a try.
Caden BemillerCaden Bemiller
16:10 06 May 22
He explained everything very clearly and I was able to pass tow math classes in one semester because of him!!
Hayden AbramsHayden Abrams
19:06 04 May 22
I wanted to keep this short and simple. I was heavily struggling in my 3 math classes I was taking. I quickly fell behind and didn't know what i was going to do. Thats when I found Blue. Without a single doubt in my mind he saved me more times than I would like to admit. So if you need help go to Blue and he will get you back on track in no time at all.
sloan lavenesloan lavene
17:03 21 Apr 22
Blue is an amazing tutor and very friendly and helpful! I was struggling with pre calc trig and he helped me get through it without any struggle. The information and knowledge finally made sense once he walked me through it! Great guy, great tutor, and very professional! I highly recommend him!
Sydney DePeauxSydney DePeaux
18:44 21 Mar 22
Blue is an AMAZING tutor! I always struggle in math, especially with Calc, and he explained everything in a way that made it super to easy to understand. I was failing the class until I started working with Blue, and even a few sessions before my exam helped me so much. He is a great guy and a great tutor, I highly recommend!!
nicole hemmerleinnicole hemmerlein
18:23 23 Dec 21
Without Blue I can say with confidence I would not have passed Matb 155. I have not taken calculus before and he made me understand it much better than my own professor. With his help I was able to get a B in this class which is a huge accomplishment. Thank you Blue!

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