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I want you to succeed.

My mission is not to help you just get by in calculus.
I want you to succeed in your actual AP calculus class.
I want you to succeed on your actual AP calculus exam.
I want you to succeed in math courses beyond AP calculus.

About Me

My name is Blue Hovatter.
I have been a professional private math tutor for 25+years.

I started tutoring students privately while I was in college studying math education. I found myself enjoying the connection I was able to make with students as a private tutor. I also really enjoyed helping students find success in math.

When it became time to leave college and enter the real world, I decided I would see if I could make a living (i.e., pay the bills) as a private math tutor. 25 years later here I am still doing what I love, helping students be successful in their math courses.

It is through those 25 years of private tutoring experience, that I have been able to hone my skills as an educator. I learned from my students what they needed to be successful. I used that insight to help me develop my methods for private tutoring. I especially used those insights in creating My AP Calc Prep Program.

I try to approach math with humility, and do not believe that I know everything about math or AP Calculus. I also recognize that not every student is the same, and not every student learns in the same way. I do not treat math education as a one size fits all process, and I do not believe that there are invalid questions. If you do not understand what I just shared with you, then you need to ask your question and make sure you understand before moving forward.


Years of Experience


Students Tutored

My AP Calc Program

My AP Calc Program was developed using the insights I learned from students over 25 years of private tutoring.

What I have found is that a lot of the confusion in calculus comes from the heavy math language that is being used to describe some very straight forward concepts.

Often times calculus is presented with some very intense looking math equations that are followed by some very scary looking proofs on why that equation is true. This is usually done under the banner of providing you the deeper understanding you need as a student in order to understand the concepts of calculus better.

The reality is that calculus and its concepts are very straightforward. In my opinion calculus is better understood once you take away all that heavy math speak, and start having it explained in more everyday language.

My AP Calc Program is designed with what I call my Identifying, Mastering, Meaning, and Asking process. During my time as a private math tutor, I learned that how I approached every math problem was through this process. I decided that if I could correctly explain the process to my students, then their brains were capable of doing the same thing my brain does.

Remember that asking questions is a critical part of learning any subject. Never be afraid to ask questions of me or anyone else who is teaching you something. I guarantee that there is always someone else that has the same question. If you don’t ask your questions, neither of you may ever get it answered. That one answer might be the only bit of information stopping you all from fully understanding.

After 25-years of applying this process I have seen nothing but successful outcomes for my students


Identify It

First you must know what type of problem you are looking at.

You might that this is easier said than done, but I assure you that there aren’t as many different types of math problem out there as you might think.

Master It

Practice makes perfect. If you continue to practice the methods, you will find that your brain will naturally start taking you through the complete process.

I always tell my students that math is like learning an instrument or a sport. The more you practice the more your brain starts to take over and do all the work naturally.

Mean It

Unlike previous math courses in your life, it is not enough to just know the methods and mechanics of how to solve each problem. To really be successful in AP Calc, you must understand the conceptual meaning of each topic.

You will be surprised by how straightforward the concepts of calculus are when all the heavy math speak is torn away, and you are able to see what is really happening.

Ask It

If you do not understand what is going on, ask a question.

Math education should never be one way communication, and it is always okay to ask questions when you don’t understand something being presented to you.

My calc program is a living process. Only through your questions can I learn more, and ensure my program is more clear to all students

Have a question? Ask me!

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